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The Art Of Selling In Business

If you are trying to sell anything to anyone, you can streamline the whole process into a few important requirements.

If you use them in the right amount and at the right time, you are certain to sell anything to anyone, probably even a refrigerator to an Eskimo!

Infographic about 20 powerful words that sell

Requirement # 1 – Making the Right Background

Setting up for the sale is the most important. If you are able to pep your potential customer up to their maximum, they won’t be able to wait till they buy from you.

Requirement # 2 – Making Your Product Seem Important

People won’t buy things that aren’t important to them. So, you need to harp on your product’s utility. Go all over town telling how undeniably useful your product is, and a lot more people will be interested in it.

Requirement # 3 – Making Yourself Important

All right, so your product is useful, but why should they buy from you? Why are you better than the competition?

You have to tell your customers that. You have to tell them why you and your product are better for them than what the competitive market is selling. 

Requirement # 4 – Setting Off the Alarms

Make people understand that this is so great an offer that it won’t persist for long. Ask them to act fast. Give them a limited time discounted offer or something. This sense of urgency brings in better sales. 

Requirement # 5 – Giving Things Away

If you give away free gifts, it might set you back momentarily. But it can be a great thing for you in the long run, ensuring continued sales. 

Requirement # 6 – Committing Yourself 

Make these people understand that you will be there for them even after you have sold the product. This gives them a guarantee.

Requirement # 7 – Continuing to Hold Their Interest

You need to do that in order to sway even the diehard customers over
to your business. For some, a single sales pitch just doesn’t seem to

Small Business Marketing Practices

What small business marketing practices would work to sell your products?

Here are strategies that have the best chances of success:

  • Become familiar with your customers – their habits and preferences. You do this by going out into the field, observing customer behavior and talking to them.
  • Also become familiar with competitors – what they offer and how they promote it. Again, it is out in the field that you gain real familiarity. Observe the business practices of your competitors.
  • Package your product or service better than competitors. This means incorporate the specific benefits and features customers want and that competitors do not yet provide.
  • Consider the habits of your customers, where they reside, how they commute to work, what they are likely to see, what they read, hear and view during their daily life and so on. With these info, you would find it easier to decide on the best way to reach them with your publicity.
  • Develop a sales message showing how your offer meets their needs better. Appeal to people’s emotions rather than logic. Tell a story that brings out your point.
  • Select the media to distribute your message – Flyers, Direct Mail letters, Print Ads, TV or Radio Ads, Personal Selling, Bill Boards, Web sites or any other that would be seen by the customer. Adapt your message to the media.
  • Decide how you would get your product or service to the customer – direct to the customer from your showroom or factory, or through independent distributors who would sell to sales outlets or by dealing directly with the sales outlets.
  • Organize the publicity campaign after completing distribution arrangements. Customers receiving your message should be able to find your product or service in a convenient manner. If necessary, tell them where they can get it.
  • Provide customer support to ensure that they do indeed enjoy your product or service. It is such support that could generate a buzz about you and your offer, leading to much new business.


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