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How To Develop A Strong Unique Service Proposition

What is Your USP?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then your business is in serious trouble!  An entire book can be written on this subject, and many have been.

Your “USP” is your “Unique Selling Perspective”.  It is what makes your brand special. In other words…

  • Why is your business Unique?
  • What does your business possess that separates it from the rest of your competition?
  • Why should a customer buy from you instead of your competition?
  • What do you offer your customers that your competition doesn’t?

If you’re going to be successful online, you need to learn more about how to develop a strong USP. Your business must have a strong reason for existing in the marketplace.

You cannot afford to be just another “me too” competitor selling a product or service like others in your industry at a similar price. You have to have something that makes you stand out. This one aspect of your business could determine the level of your success or failure.

How to create a USP for your business

It is important to understand the point being made here. This really has nothing to do with the fact that you’re selling the same thing or offering the same service as your competitors.

The fact is that you cannot do those things in the same way as your competitors, because there will be nothing fascinating about your brand, and no reason for your target audience to choose you over them.

If people are not talking about your brand, then you’re going to struggle, no matter how much money you spend to market your business.

With the level of competition in the marketplace, you need to clearly identify what makes you different and you have to make this known to your target audience so that they understand that you’re not like everyone else.

If you’re not remarkable enough to get into the hearts and minds of your target audience, you’ll be invisible to most of your target audience, because they are being engaged by those competitors that stand out.

Here’s a good example….

Amazingly enough, a once failing pizza shop used the power of a strong USP to turn their struggling business into an empire.  They decided to become unique and capitalise on one specific aspect of their business that no one else had yet capitalised on.  Once they did, their profits soared!

Who is this pizza shop?

Domino’s Pizza.

How did they turn their business around?  With a simple, clever, slogan combined with a strong USP….

Delivered Hot And Fresh In 30 Minutes Or Less… OR IT’S FREE!

The young owner of Domino’s Pizza didn’t capitalise on fresh ingredients, the ripest tomatoes, 5 different cheeses, or special offers…. Everyone else was already doing that!

This “college student” realised where the need was and hammered home his simple message!  What did folks want from a pizza place? They wanted their pizza FAST!  This simple slogan and USP alone turned a once failing business into a MEGA MILLION DOLLAR FRANCHISE!

This clearly demonstrates that being remarkable or fascinating doesn’t have to be expensive. In Domino’s case, a simple idea made a massive impact and successfully set them apart from the overcrowded pizza market.

They didn’t change the product; it was exactly the same pizza that they were serving. But they avoided becoming just another pizza company by doing something simple but remarkable that was worth talking about.

Your USP is the relationship you have with others, and it is the value of that relationship that becomes your selling point. So the value of your relationship with your customers is what drives your success.Your USP needs to be something that benefits your customers and prospects first and foremost.

It has to be something that they care about and makes them feel special. Differentiating yourself from competitors by declaring that your products have never been tested on animals is laudable, but what does that do for your customers?

This may resonate with some of your prospects, but it will only have the desired impact if it matters to the majority of your prospects, and most of your competitors openly use products tested with animals.

What will make you really stand out is by doing something in a unique way that no one else does, or in a way that others can’t help but talk about. This is why it is so important to understand your target audience. It doesn’t have to be an extraordinary concept, it just needs to be so much better than the competition, and very convenient for your target audience.

Zappo became widely recognised as a remarkable brand because of their phenomenal approach to customer service. They made their level of customer service worth talking about by allowing people to return products up to 365 days after purchase.

If you really want to discover how to develop a USP for your business, you must read Dr. Ken Evoy’s ebook, Make Your Site Sell, widely recognised as the “Bible For Selling Online”.  Dr. Evoy is a master at his craft and over-delivers on every one of his e-books. He’s propelled his business into one of the most visited sites online.



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