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Incorporating Automation Into Your Business

Automation is the key for any successful business online.  The term automation simply means “don’t do anything repetitive that can be done on “auto-pilot”.  And you can automate many aspects of your business very easily.

The key to automation is having the right software program to do the task.  Unfortunately, most programs out on the market that actually do this effectively are quite expensive.

You can easily automate various aspects of your business, starting with your email form.

You can automate this process by automatically sending a “Thank You for Subscribing” email to your latest subscribers without you having to do anything to facilitate the process. You can also use an autoresponder to stay in touch with your subscribers by emailing them at predetermined intervals.

Automating Your Customer service

Your customer service is another area of your business that you can automate. You can setup different email addresses in their system and it will automatically email an immediate response if an inquiry is sent to that email address.

So how can you use this to your advantage?  Why not setup various email address for the following:

— FAQ’s

— FREE Reports

— Product Lists

— Price lists

— An OFFLINE SALE CATALOG – You can have a special sales catalog that is only available through email! Now, you have a prospects email address and you can follow up with them through the AWeber System aut without ever lifting a finger.  Their system will even mail the attachment for you.

Complaint Desk

No matter what we do, there’s simply no way that we can please all of our customers all of the time. Customers want to be assured that they can reach out to the business owner direct and have their complaint dealt with. You can create your own email address and craft a empathetic email that lets an less than satisfied customer know that you are aware of their problem and are personally investigating it.

They, in turn, receive a response to their issue straightaway, and you have some time to investigate the problem and follow up with them either via email or phone. You can be assured that this unsatisfied customer will be much more satisfied with the level of service.

Your Online Reviews Strategy

You can also choose to automate your reviews strategy!

Bad reviews are a fact of doing business, and you need to have a strategy for dealing with these unfortunate reviews so they don’t harm your business. The great news is that you can automate this process.

Reviews impact local search and provide social proof. They are a strong organic search ranking factor, and the most powerful tool you can use to attract potential customers to your business.

When people read lots of positive reviews from people just like them, this will increase confidence in your business and they will be more inclined to buy from you. People don’t care what we say about our own businesses. They care about what other people say about your business.

In order to successfully automate the review process, you will need to split the feedback process from the review process. Start by creating a landing page and then create feedback cards which will point your customers to the landing page. Provide two options. If they had a good experience, you can lead them to another page that asks them if they would like to leave a review about their experience. If they indicate they would like to leave a review, you can then direct them to your Google+ or other review page where they can go ahead and leave a glowing review about their experience at your establishment.

On the other hand, if they select the alternative (It was not a good experience), you can direct them to your a specially created customer service page where they can fill out their name, email address, date and a box where they can provide specific details of exactly what aspect of the service they were not happy with.

Doing this will demonstrate to the customer that you are committed to providing a high level of customer service, and that you are ready to ensure that the bad experience does not repeat itself.

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