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Building Trust With Citations

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What is a Local Business Citation? A citation is any specific mention or listing of your business name, address, phone number. This combination of information about your business is often referred to as N.A.P. (name, address and phone number). A citation can be structured or unstructured. A structured citation refers …

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How Customer Behaviour Has Evolved


Since the advent of social media, consumers and businesses around the world have been more connected than ever. This has corresponded with a complete shift in the way consumers make purchasing decisions online. Today, consumers are a lot more diligent when spending money online. When considering doing business with a …

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Advantages Of Collecting Lots Of Reviews


Its a no-brainer that word of mouth advertising is the most powerful and effective form of advertising you could ever possibly have. It is the most cost-effective way to generate new customers because genuine reviews are freely given and comes from satisfied customers who have used your product or service, …

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